Mobile Applications

User Experience & User Interface Design

We’re the experts when it comes to engineering website and app interfaces to be as user-friendly as possible. The first thing we always do is put together a list of objectives for that specific page. These vary drastically depending on your website, but can be as simple as the completion of a form, calling a telephone number or downloading a resource.

Every industry is different and this affects the way a user interacts with your website. Hand-designed by our creative team using the Adobe suite, we turn these objectives into a visually impressive design. Of course, the goal is to keep the user moving through your website until they’ve found out everything they need to know, and they get in touch.

iOS and Android Apps

Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows or a combination of all three, a bespoke app creates a more personable user experience, and has the ability to attract a different audience, showcase specific content and be gamified or monetised, providing a vastly different experience than through a website.

Throw your ideas at us and we’ll come up with a concept and a technical specification for your application. We’re experienced in content-based apps, apps that allow for customer surveys and feedback, and apps that integrate with external systems and data through APIs.

Front-End Development & UX

Designing something to look amazing is useless without the development skill to make it come to life.

Our team are experts in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery, and will strive to achieve a flawless user experience along with a lightning fast load time. After all, these are all major Google ranking factors and may be the difference between a visitor and a customer.

All of our websites are fully responsive, mobile/touch-friendly and are finished off with the most beautiful animation effects around.