Pixel-Perfect Development

It takes 3 seconds to impress a visitor before they move onto a competitor. Those 3 seconds are solely down to design. After that it's all down to user experience (UX) and journey to keep those visitors from leaving. It's a good job we know our stuff when it comes to UX.

Front-End Development & UX

Designing something to look amazing is useless without the development skill to make it come to life.

Our team are experts in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery, and will strive to achieve a flawless user experience along with a lightning fast load time. After all, these are all major Google ranking factors and may be the difference between a visitor and a customer.

All of our websites are fully responsive, mobile/touch-friendly and are finished off with the most beautiful animation effects around.

Back-End Development & CMS

Once your new website has been launched, it’ll need to stay up to date. Whether it’s adding a new blog article, checking payments, or changing the structure of an area, we’ll make sure this can easily be done through the content management system. We can always support you along the way with post-launch changes too!

We’re highly experienced in many different content management systems and frameworks. If you need some guidance, get in touch and we will strive to recommend the best solution for your business – whether it’s WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Zend or something bespoke.

iOS and Android Apps

Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows or a combination of all three, a bespoke app creates a more personable user experience, and has the ability to attract a different audience, showcase specific content and be gamified or monetised, providing a vastly different experience than through a website.

Throw your ideas at us and we’ll come up with a concept and a technical specification for your application. We’re experienced in content-based apps, apps that allow for customer surveys and feedback, and apps that integrate with external systems and data through APIs.


In the busy ecommerce market, your target customer is only a mouse-click away from the competition.A single bump in the buying process could quickly send them shopping elsewhere. Unlike some digital agencies that believe only in making each touch point as visually elegant as possible, we also ensure they are perfectly functional, guaranteeing the most positive customer experience of your brand.

From data security enhancement to advice on the best platforms for your sector, we can assist you in shaping the ideal online presence.

Digital Customer Experience and CMS Platforms

To deliver a high quality digital customer experience, you must first understand all steps of your customer’s journey. Working side by side with you, Net Solution’s will identify these steps and the pain points that need to be answered before designing and deploying a strategy that provides complete customer satisfaction and potent customer retention.

CMS is not just a tool for managing online content. When used correctly, it can solve all the pain points that come up during the customer journey and deliver a perfect digital experience for each user.

Enterprise Application Development Management

Using agile development processes, Net Solutions creates applications to optimize IT processes across your entire organization.

From source code management to airtight data security to creating and maintaining scalable architecture, we ensure the digital arm of your business runs smoothly and safely.

In the digital age, a business is only as efficient as the applications that power it. Failures in your applications lead directly to downtime, data leakage, security breaches and frustrated users.